Nancy Campbell

Artist Statement

Nancy Campbell, who works in watercolor, oils and experiments with monotype printing, considers herself primarily a landscape painter, influenced by the Catskill range, in par- ticular Overlook Mountain, that is the backdrop to her daily life. She has always been attracted to portraying her surroundings, whether the village streets of Saugerties and the mountain that surrounds her or, returning to her Italian roots, the hills and valleys of Lazio where she conducts a yearly landscape painting workshop. During the early 1980s she studied watercolor with Staats Fasoldt at the Woodstock School of Art, and says: “it was during that time that the long process/challenge of learning to simplify painting began. In the early 90s, while living in Europe with my family, I discovered the "Nabis"...Bonnard, Vuilliard, Denis and was struck by the oil painting bug, and have never turned back.” She adds: “One of the most consistent voices in my head when I paint has been our son, Jon, who always reminds me to "stop!" That's the elusive key to good painting, to know when one is finished.”
Nancy has served as Executive Director and on the Board of Directors for the Wood- stock School of Art and is an active member of the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum where she received an award of excellence for landscape painting. She has participated in residencies in Ireland and created the painting workshop in Ciociaria, Italy, in 2012. Nancy has been in selected solo and group exhibits from New York City to Ulster County to California. Born in Brooklyn, she has lived many years in Saugerties with her husband Michael.They have three adult sons.