Talia Segal Fidler


Artist Statement

TALIA SEGAL FIDLER is a multi-media artist whose work encompasses drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and photography. Born in Haifa, Israel, she has a BFA in art history, theater and Stage Design from Tel- Aviv University. In 1991 Talia moved to NY, where she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Manhattan. In addition, Talia holds a Master of Science degree in Health and Nutrition Education and is also the nutrition curator for the Lodge at Woodloch. As a holistic health counselor, she says: “I create art to feed my soul. My nutrition practice takes care of the physical body.” Since 2002 Talia has been teaching art and culinary nutrition at the JCC of Manhattan.

The artist is inspired by the natural beauty of the Woodloch environs. Her Woodloch Dream paintings reverberate with the juxtaposition of complementary colors, midnight blue and thermal orange. We feel the energy of a brilliant sunrise. With light and color the artist creates an illusion, capturing the movement of time, leaving the impression of a forest on fire. Talia is a recipient of numerous scholarships and awards. Her artwork has been shown in museums and galleries locally, in New York City and internationally. Her work resides in public and private collections.