Bill Teitsworth


 Blue Kayaks   11 x 15 watercolor SOLD

Blue Kayaks

11 x 15 watercolor SOLD

 Idyll   22 x 28, acrylic on paper


22 x 28, acrylic on paper

 Yellow Cannas   30 x 22, watercolor

Yellow Cannas

30 x 22, watercolor


Artist Statement

 The great French Modernist, Edgar Degas, said that above all he loved to make beginnings---those first hesitant marks or moves that attempt to fix the outline, the framework, of the elusive image. Like him, I also love that moment of moving into the blank paper. It is a moment that contains magic, as all beginnings do.

Currently I'm working on images of the Pennsylvania landscape. So I'm making a lot of those "magical" beginnings. And then I try to flesh out, while preserving the magic, an image of something that it is too late to preserve in another sense. Not entirely happy but curiously, I'm happy doing it.

Bill Teitsworth, NWS January 9,2009 

Artist Resume / Curriculum Vitae

 Bill Teitsworth has received more than thirty national awards and honors, including the High Winds Medal (2011), the Greathouse Medal, and the Silver Medal of Honor of the American Watercolor Society, the Milford Zornes Award of the National Watercolor Society, and Best in Show and the Silver (John J. Newman Medal) and Bronze (Ralph Fabri Medal) of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic. His work has been included in seven books, most recently Sketchbook Confidential II, out in June 2012 from North Light Books. He has authored three articles for The Artist's Magazine, and was invited by editor Maureen Bloomfield to contribute to her article on "painting snow" this January. 

He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, and has served as a director of the Society since 2007. In April of 2011 the AWS invited him to demonstrate "the acrylic portrait" during the 144th Annual Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. Bill is a workshop instructor for Coastal Maine Art Workshops (and other organizations). He is represented by Kiesendahl and Calhoun Fine Art ( and by the Newman and
Saunders Gallery in Wayne, PA.