Dawn Watson + Dale Emmart | Dec 08 - Mar 06, 2017

Dale Emmart, %22From One Old Farm Road%22.jpg
Dale Emmart, %22July Clouds%22 .jpg
Dawn Watson, %22Canopy%22 .jpg
Dawn Watson, %22Lodge Lake Series 1.jpg
Dale Emmart, Narrowsburgh River.jpg
Dawn Watson, %22Fog%22.jpg
Dawn Watson, %22Lodge Lake Series 2.jpg
Dale Emmart, %22Front%22.jpg
Dale Emmart, Torrey Field Sweep.jpg
Dawn Watson, %22Ripe?.jpg
Dawn Watson, %22Lodge Lake Series 3.jpg

Dec 08 - Mar 06, 2017

Featuring the Fine Art Photography of Dawn Watson and oil paintings by Dale Emmart. Both artists capture treasured spaces and places, as in Emmart's lush landscapes and Dawn Watson's poetic photographs of personal moments on the streets of Paris or in a kitchen in Ireland. Both artists also focus on transformation, nature in flux, as with Emmart's black and white drawings of plumes of smoke, and the still life cycles of composition and decomposition seen in Watson's work.