Jane Ehrlich

Pond series - Oil on wood

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Artist Statement

This particular body of work began to emerge in 1995. These paintings recall to me a nostalgic period from childhood, a glorious, carefree time of summers spent with the protection of family, but with much freedom to roam and explore the outdoors. The mystery never quite revealed of lake edges where the lilies grew and frogs floated silently in the jewel like green vegetation that hid them in plain view.

The rich black mud would ooze between our toes as we hunted, our cut off milk cartons, filled with pond water, waiting for our prey.

Painted with a sometimes naive style, they evoke memories of both fairy tales and specific experiences from my past.

Thank you,
Jane Ehrlich

Artist Resume / Curriculum Vitae

MFA, Massachusetts College of Art
Diploma, School of the Museum of Fine Arts
BFA, Tufts University

Solo Exhibitions
1999    LOST LAKE AND OTHER VISIONS - Visual Art Gallery, Newbury Street, Boston, MA
1989    AVATAR