Maia Chavez


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Artist Statement

 My drawing comes as much from artistic training as from my training in architectural drafting. To me, the grand canyon is both a living entity of moods, tempers and history and a pure architectural construct full of strong lines and soaring structure. The combination of these aspects, so dissimilar, is what makes it so attractive to me as a subject. Precision of line and form is just as seductive to me as are drama, temperament and character. 

Artist Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Daughter of wildlife painter Eva Van Rijn and Southwestern artist Edward Chavez, Maia Chavez was born in Woodstock, New York. Graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree in English, she went on to study design and architectural rendering at the NYSID as well as painting and drawing at Il Chiostro in Italy. 
In 1990, she moved to the Vail Valley, which has served as her base ever since. Chavez currently works as an illustrator, journalist and photographer. She was the recipient of a Colorado Press Award for sports writing in 2002. 
As an illustrator, her clients have included the Beaver Creek Resort Company, the Seven Lakes Lodge, Destination Services, the Terrace Restaurant, The Mountain Weekly and the Adoption Exchange. 

Her works have hung in the Sovereign Gallery in Boulder, CO, the Plaza Gallery in Vail, CO, the Philinda Gallery in Edwards, CO, the Art Center of Grand Junction, CO, the Fletcher Gallery in Woodstock, NY and the Melody Weir Gallery & Paradise Garage in Manhattan.