Marcia Zweig


New Testament Bible Church   26 x 26,   oil on canvas,

New Testament Bible Church

26 x 26, oil on canvas,

Dawn Light   14 x 20,   oil on canvas

Dawn Light

14 x 20, oil on canvas


Artist Statement

Marcia McMinn Zweig was born in petrochemical alley, on the Gulf Coast of Texas, and moved to St Louis as a young teenager. Spending summers on the family farm in Iowa, she first experienced the joy of being part of the more natural environment: the rolling cornfields, wide horizons and the intense clarity of the atmosphere. At Smith College she began formal study with noted studio artists, including Elliot Offner and Gary Niswonger. She also studied and was influenced by art historians. Combining studio art with art history provided a uniquely fertile foundation for her lifelong pursuit of the meaning and value of painting. Now Marcia focuses on landscape painting, dividing her time at her studio in Maplewood, New Jersey and her lakeside cabin in the Pocono Mountains.

My overarching goal is to convey the power and beauty of light - what it does to the way we see water, sky, land, trees and buildings. I try to spend as much time exploring the woods, hiking along streams and watching clouds as I do painting in my studio.