Oct 01, 2008

Staccioli in All Fired Up Exhibit in Pleasantville

As part of "ALL FIRED UP!"- Westchester's clay celebration, Kiesendahl+Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd. present a ceramic exhibit in a lovely renovated space adding to Pleasantville's cultural vibrancy, located at 335 Manville Road, just down from the Burns Film Center. The exhibit "Tuscan Journey in Form: Luminous Ceramics of Paolo Staccioli" features the renowned Florentine ceramic artist and sculptor Paolo Staccioli. Opening Reception Oct. 11th 6-8pm. Through Nov, 21, 2008. 

Highly regarded throughout Europe and Asia, Paolo Staccioli's exhibits include a solo show at the Palazzo Pitti's Porcelain Museum, the Archeological Museum in Fiesole, an exhibit in Fuping, China and his recent USA debut at the Italian Cultural Institute on Park Avenue in New York City. Two 6 ft. bronze warriors are showing at LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton. Influenced by Giacometti, Marino and others, Staccioli draws from archetypes of civilization. The artist's characters migrate through classical forms; horses, warriors and travelers embark on a timeless journey through fire to emerge in luminous, radiant color. In celebration of clay with All Fired Up!, the exhibit includes six-feet tall ceramic figures, busts, fractured and rebuilt spheres, iconic toy horses and elegant vessels with surface designs of horses reminiscent of Paolo Uccello and Leonardo da Vinci. Gallery Hours in the renovated space: 355 Manville Road, Pleasantville. Thursday-Saturday 1-7pm, Sundays 12-5pm through Nov. 21st. Street Parking only.

P A O L O S T A C C I O L I Biography

1943 born in Scandicci, near Florence Italy. 

1973 first solo exhibit as painter. 

1980s initial ceramic work/ terracotta bas reliefs, experimented with
glazes, oxygen reduction firing under master Faenza craftsman of
Umberto Santandrea

1991 Kens Art Gallery, Firenze
Biennale della Ceramica, Faenza

1993 Arte Fiera Bologna
Biennale della Ceramica, Faenza

1995 Museo della Ceramica, Montelupo

1999 Festival International Aberystwyth Galles
Ceramic Millenium Festival, Amsterdam

2000 Created large bronze horse ridden by winged putto,
Museum Park of Poggio Valicaia.
Galleria L'Ile en Terre, S. Paul de Vence, Nice

2001 Galleria Man Arte, Paris

2002 Galleria Saga, Holland
Galleria Richard Ginori, Firenze

2004 Salone Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea, Lussemburgo
Galleria Paradigma, Firenze

2005-2006 Palazzo Pitti, Florence, solo exhibit at Museo delle Porcelane, 
Galleria Paradigma, Florence

2007 Museo Archeologico, Fiesole: solo exhibit - ceramics and bronzes
Galleria Paradigma ongoing.

2008 Italian Cultural Institute, New York City, New York - ceramic works
LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, New York - bronze figures. 
Fuping, China - ceramic figure built on site.