Rosy Kalfus



Artist Statement

My photography tends to be representative of my own physical, mental and emotional processes. Although I believe that I am engaged in the world around me, my photography tends to be a reflection of self. I do, however, strive to achieve an aesthetic beauty that captures and reflects the status of my personhood in order to process my experiences and emotions, and to share them with others. 

Since graduating from college and moving to Brooklyn, I have realized that for the first time I have control over my life and the full responsibility of my decisions. I am lucky enough to live in a world of choices, and although I thought that I was fully formed, this new stage in my life has forced me to continue defining myself. 

This series is an exploration of how people live and the choices they make, focusing on the concept of people in their spaces. I am interested in the presence of the person in their space, their comfort level and sensibility, in and of their surroundings, as well as the actual objects that reflect the subject.